About Us

Company History
Weese Tree Preservation and Nurseries is a tree care company and tree nursery owned and operated by Eric Weese. Eric established Weese Tree Preservation in 2004 with a focus on providing science-based tree care services to the local community. The development of Weese Nurseries began in 2003. It's a small, specialty nursery growing trees native to the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence and Carolinian forest regions in Ontario.

Eric Weese - Arborist and Nursery Grower
Eric graduated from Lakehead University in 2002 with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry (H.B.Sc.F.). After graduation, Eric began work as a certified arborist in Boston, Massachusetts. He continued to work as a certified arborist in the public and private sectors in Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston until 2011. In 2011, Eric became self-employed on a full-time basis, operating Weese Tree Preservation. Eric holds the following credentials:
  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry - H.B.Sc.F. (Lakehead University- 2002)
  • Bachelor of Education - B.Ed. (Queen's University - 2011)
  • Ontario Provincial Arborist Certification (2004)
  • Ontario Provincial Utility Arborist Certification (2008)
  • Ontario Certified Tree Seed Collector (2007)
Eric Weese, H.B.Sc.F., B.Ed.,

Certified Arborist

Our Farm
We are located on the south shore of Hay Bay, near Hayburn, Ontario. Our farm is situated on 15 acres, at the bottom of a small watershed and wetland area flowing into Hay Bay. In 2003, the development of a two-acre field production area began. Invasive species were removed from the fence rows and native coniferous trees were added to function as a windbreak around the nursery fields. Native trees and shrubs were planted along the banks of an adjacent stream to prevent soil erosion and to provide habitat for fish and wildlife. We transitioned to growing trees in containers in 2011 by adding a container production area with trellis systems equipped with drip irrigation
Our Trees
We grow trees native to the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence and Carolinian forest regions in Ontario. Our trees are container-grown in #3 (three gallon) pots. The trees range in height from 125cm to 175cm ( four feet to six feet).